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Are you looking for a wide range of social, aspirational, community or other events to attend? Are you an organisation looking for volunteers, fundraisers, more members or participants? Do you feel lonely or isolated and want to find activities to participate in or do you have extra time on your hands and want to try something new?

Look no further, Zzjimi is THE site which lists a diverse range of activities and events in one place, for FREE. We are a Hub for Charity, Fundraising, Volunteering, Community and Not for Profit organisations, but we offer any Commercial Enterprise the opportunity to promote their activities and events too.

 On Zzjimi you can search for the widest range of activities and events to meet your needs, and even find some you may never have considered before...

Register your FREE account now, to start your search or promote your event.  


Whatever your dreams... pursuing a new activity or interest, Volunteering, Fundraising or Posting your own Event - let Zzjimi give you a helping hand and point you in your chosen direction...

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