Get the best from your Zzjimi Experience

You do NOT have to set up an account to use Zzjimi to search for events.

Registering on Zzjimi is FREE for everyone.

Giving the Zzjimi website permission to access your location will provide the best results, as events shown on the Home page will be within a 50-mile radius of your current device location. If you do not give permission, the results you receive may be further than 50 miles away! 

If you did not give permission and want to change your mind, you can change this setting within your device preferences or from the main website address bar.

The Pot Luck & Wishlist searches will similarly not work accurately if location access is not given.

Only registered users will be able to setup Wishlists and get the best possible experience of using our website.

You must register with an Organiser account to post Activities or Events.

You can have both a User account and an Organiser account – but will need to use different email addresses for each type of account.

If you are logged in as a registered User you will need to log out, to create a registered Organiser account and vice versa.

If you want both accounts 'open' on your device at the same time, you should use different browsers when logging into your User and Organiser accounts.

You can refine the search results of the Quick Search by using the boxes on the left of the page.

Using Pot Luck may provide you with surprise activities or events you may have been unaware of.

Each event that you click on, will open in a new window, close this to return to the previous window.

You can return to the Home page from any page on the Zzjimi site, by clicking on the Zzjimi logo in the top left corner of the page.

Why not set up a Wishlist for a friend, relative or neighbour who does not have access to the internet, and tell them when Zzjimi finds something for them - just a little bit of Kindness on your part and Zzjimi will do all the hard work for you!

Remember to regularly check out our Spotlight Page for exciting news or new Zzjimi developements! 

Organisers can list a full Annual Programme of activities/events at once, for more Tips & Tricks for Organisers click here


Tips & Tricks for Users.

Using Quick Search:

Whilst you can add your requirement to just one field, we strongly suggest that for best results you use all three field options.

Don’t have an Accessible need?

Choose either option or if you do not have an accessibility requirement i.e. it does not matter if a venue is Accessible or has Limited Accessibility, select 'All Accessibility Options'

Want to get a higher number of results for any Preference?

If you have no specific requirements for any of the Preferences, leaving the default 'All' setting, will return all options for that Preference, increasing the number of results you get for that Preference. Our Zzjimi SmartSearch© will still work to match the rest of your Wishlist criteria. 

A quick way to register your User account:

If you have not previously registered, clicking on the ‘Create or View my Wishlist(s)’ box on the Home page will take you to the registration screen.

A quick route to your Wishlist:

Once you have registered an account, the 'Create or View my Wishlist(s)' box is a shortcut to enable you to create a new Wishlist, or to view and edit your current Wishlists.

Using Wishlist Keywords:

Your Keywords need not all be related in one area, it depends on the requirements of your Wishlist.

So a Wishlist for taking part in Fundraising could include: running, cake sale, bucket collection, abseiling. Whereas, one for family outings could include: sailing, mini-golf, zoo, fairs.

Editing or changing your Wishlist:

You can edit or update your Wishlist at any time by returning to the ‘My Wishlist’ page option from your account menu or the Home page Shortcut box.

You can have as many Wishlists as you want – one for you, and/or a partner, your family, your work, any volunteering/fundraising activities you want to do, your personal aspirations, just for fun, a bucket list, to help you meet new people, join groups, get out into the community, or even one just for your pets, the possibilities are endless. 

Email Notification:

We use our unique Zzjimi SmartSearch© algorithm to match as closely as possible your Wishlist needs. For the best possible experience of the Zzjimi Wishlist function, we suggest that you choose to be contacted by e-mail. We will then send you an email of all close matches according to the email preference whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

You do not have to allow us to contact you by e-mail to be able to use the Zzjimi SmartSearch© function, but if you don’t you will need to remember to check your account regularly, to view any search results.

If you do choose to be contacted by e-mail, you can change your mind at any time by de-selecting this option. You can also click on the unsubscribe  link found at the bottom of any email we send you.  

Do you want to find results for yourself and post your own activities/events too?

You can have both a User account and an Organiser account – but you will need to use different email addresses for each type of account.

Look at our ‘How to Register an Account’ for more details. 



Tips & Tricks for Organisers.

A quick way to register your Organiser account:

If you do not have an Organiser account, clicking on the ‘Organisers – Post an Activity!’ shortcut box on the Home page will take you to the registration screen.

Marketing your Activity/Event to a larger audience:

Selecting more than one sub-category, which is appropriate for your event, may make your event more retrievable in searches.

When adding Keywords/Tags the more focussed keywords/phrases you use, the higher the chance of being found by Users who are aware of these words/terms, and who have used them within their Wishlist criteria. This will obviously present your activity/event to a much more targeted participant.

Whereas the more general your keywords/phrases the more chances you have of attracting a wider more diverse audience and also to present your event to those possibly unaware of your organisation or the activities/events you hold.

You can of course, use a mixture of both and obtain the best possible outcomes for your needs.

Want to get ahead? 

By using Zzjimi’s 'Make Live' option, you can create your Annual Calendar of events in a single go. Zzjimi will then act as your Virtual Assistant, uploading them to the site on your chosen date, so you will never miss important event marketing opportunities.

Want the best matched results to User’s Wishlists?

Being as specific as you can in your Keywords/Tags, Sub-Categories and fully using the description box, will enable users to get the best matches to their Wishlist needs.

Want to post your own Activities/Events and find results for yourself too?

You can have both an Organiser account and a User account – but you will need to use different email addresses for each type of account.

Look at our ‘How to Register an Account’ for more details. 

Want to let others know of your events?

Share your Activity/Event with your followers on the major social media sites using our ‘Share’ option.

Deleting an Organiser account:

Be aware - as an Organisation/Organiser, deleting your account will also delete all Activities/Events that you have posted or archived in the account. It may take 24-48 hours for your deletion settings to be fully implemented.      

Do you want to make your listing standout?

This premium feature will be introduced onto the Zzjimi site in the coming months..

Need to edit or delete an Activity/Event?

Use the following icons to change your listing:

  Edit Listing

  Delete Listing

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