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Who we are

We are an activity and event listing site with a difference! We enable anyone to find free and paid activities and events in their local communities or further afield, to experience, become involved in or just to help find like-minded friends, 

Our Mission:

Is to provide opportunities for all organisations to promote a wide range of activities from Volunteering and Fundraising, Hobbies and Interests, Sports and Fitness to Commercial events. and everything in between, in one central place. By doing so, we believe that we enable organisations to appeal to greater numbers and to attract well-matched participants to their listings.    

We offer individuals several ways to search our site and set up personalised criteria. This means their ideal activities are generated for them, increasing their enthusiasm for social interaction and opportunites for meeting their needs. We encourage individuals to step outside of their "comfort zone", try something new and fulfil their dreams and aspirations.  

Our Vision:

At Zzjimi we would like to see a world where feelings of loneliness and isolation are not a way of life, but may just be felt occasionally and in which caring and involvement provides enjoymjent, fulfilment and a sense of wellbeing. A place where all activites and events are easily accessible and inclusive to everyone and not only help to build the individual's self-confidence but also a stronger community spirit. 

A world where there are opportunities for eveyone to fulfil their dreams and aspirations no matter how diverse they may be. Where using Zzjimi to match activities and events, is an easy personalised process for everyone and becomes "second nature".  

What we do

Zzjimi provides activity and event promotion opportunities for ALL organisations, from Commerical to Charities. We understand that everyone's needs are different and for this reason we promote the widest possible range of activities and events in one place.

Our site can help anyone feeling lonely or isolated, people who have retired or have extra time on their hands, students looking to develop their skills and experience, anyone wanting to make a difference in their community or facing other life challenges, those with a much held dream or anyone looking for things to do with their family or friends, by providing possible suggestions for their benefit. Using our unique Zzjimi Smartsearch© method, easily managed in a personalised Hub, we believe we can more accurately meet anyone's needs, dreams or aspirations.   

Using Zzjimi is free. Yes, we did say FREE - both for the individual user and organisers.


For organisers, we offer you unlimited listings, you can upload your annual calendar of events, and you will have control of your own posting’s page(s). Our unique search algorithms help people interested in events that match yours to find you, bringing to you, new and old friends.

If you are an organiser who particularly wants a bigger listing we can offer a premium option (take a look at our T&Cs).

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We are proud to be part of the Connection Coalition, helping in the fight against loneliness and isolation, and are also working alongside many other organisations - from Heritage organisations to Charities, to help promote their opportunities for volunteering, fundraisng or other meaningful social interactions within the community. If you have an organisation that runs these types of activities or if you need volunteers, fundraisers or new members to help your cause or join your group or club, please register with us and upload your diary of events so our users can easily find you  



Why are we called Zzjimi?

We recognise that when you are feeling lonely, isolated or anxious, making big decisions about meeting people or taking part in new activities  can be daunting. In fact it can be daunting to try something new at anytime! We believe that by taking small steps ...change is possible...so we decided that a small 'shimmy' (or should we say "Zzjimi"), towards your goal may be "doable". Taking those small steps could help you change "daunting" to "exciting".   

Searching on Zzjimi is different to other sites

  • Our unique Zzjimi SmartSearch © algorithm we believe, will more accurately match your needs.
  • If you want a challenge - click our 'Pot Luck' button and be surprised…!
  • Our focused listings especially geared for volunteering, fundraising or community activities/events, means that you don't need to look through lots of websites to find what you want, (unless you enjoy surfing...) - saving you time to go and enjoy what you want to do instead.
  • Using our portal could provide the first steps to help alleviate feelings of isolation, loneliness or boredom that you may be experiencing, or help you to fufill your dreams.


Your personal needs are our central focus

  • Whether you are an individual, family member or organisation, you will be able to build your own personal profile(s), and preferences.

  • We will then try to match your wishes, keeping as close as possible to your personalisation & expectations mm

Think it, Dream it.. DO IT!™