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You can return to the Home page from any other page on the Site by clicking on the Zzjimi logo in the top left corner of the page. 

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  • Activities/Events in our focussed categories.
  • Spotlight - Visit our Zzjimi noticeboard for latest news, features, and updates
  • ‘How to’ Menu – for help on ‘All Things Zzjimi’!
  • Search - Quick Search Menu – you can select up to 3 search criteria. You do NOT need to be a registered Zzjimi account holder to use this option.
  • Pot Luck - our random Activity/Event finder - are you brave enough to try it?!
  • 'My Account' Menu - Click here for more details.

If you are not signed in as a User, or if you are an Organiser – you will notice the ‘Post an Activity’ Button here too – this shortcut can only be used by registered Organisers.

Shortcut Boxes

‘Create or View my Wishlist(s)’ box will take you to the page from where you can create, view and edit your Wishlists.

‘Organisers – Post an Activity!’ this box is a shortcut for registered Organisers. It will take you to the page from where you can create and post a new activity/ event.

The Calendar

When you first visit our Site, Zzjimi will have automatically matched live Activities/Events within a 50-mile radius of your location, and these are shown in the appropriate month in the calendar.

This only works correctly if you have allowed Zzjimi to have access to your location.

This search does not require you to register with an account.


By selecting any of the categories featured on Zzjimi just click the box. All events listed for that category will be displayed.

Click on the ‘Show me more’ button to see more categories.




My Account Menu

The User Account Menu

  • My Dashboard

Displays your Wishlist results, Zzjimi Diary (containing your favourite listings), and the Activities Near You map.

  • My Profile

Displays your Current Profile, Cookies and Marketing settings and allows you to make changes if you wish.

  • My Wishlist(s)

Displays the details of all your Wishlists, and allows you to add more Wishlists or edit those you have. You can also reach this page by clicking on the shortcut ‘Create or View my Wishlist(s)’ box on the Home page.

  • Change password

You can change your password here.

The Organiser Account Menu

  • My Listings

Displays the Organiser Dashboard, where all Active, Saved ('Yet to Go') and Past listings will be found.

  • My Profile

Displays your current Profile, Cookies and Marketing settings and allows you to make changes if you wish.

  • My Zzjimi Diary

Displays all your Active listings on a Calendar – giving you an overview and the opportinuty to add more Activities/Events in any month.

  • Change Password

You can change your password here.

Share your Experience with Friends

A quick way to let your friends/followers of your social media account share your Zzjimi experience. 


You can view any testimonials/feedback about our site on the scrolling banner at the bottom of the Home page.

We welcome feedback from anyone using our site. Feedback can be left for us, by clicking on the Feedback link at the foot of any page.

Here you will also see the Partner Organisations Zzjimi is working with.

The User's 'My Dashboard': 

This has four important areas-

My Wishlist(s) - At the top of your dashboard page, you will find a summary of matches for each of your created Wishlists. The number of matches is seen in the green circle for each list. Use the slider to see more Wishlists.

My Results – The specific activities for the highlighted Wishlists are displayed here. Clicking on a different Wishlist will display a different set of results.

You can display your results in grid or list format and also sort them by time, distance or alphabetically.

From here you can choose your favourite activities/events. Clicking on the ‘heart’ (favourite) icon in a listing will add it to your Zzjimi Diary. You can remove an activity/event that was previously a ‘favourite’ by clicking on it again.

The Zzjimi Diary - This is where you will find all the listings that you have chosen as a favourite. It’s a quick reminder for you of those Activities/Events occurring over the next months or year.

Activities Near You – This map provides you with a visual snapshot of activities near to you. The distance radius is set at 10 miles; however, you can zoom in or out of the map area to show more or fewer activities.

Clicking on any pin will open the Activity/Event listing. You can specify the categories you want and the location for the map setting.

When specifying a location, first type in as much of the address or the post code as you can. You must then select the correct option from the dropdown menu. Our location services are provided by Google Maps and therefore can only be verified within their service criteria.

The Organiser's 'My Listing Dashboard':

For Organisers, this page provides details of all your listings:

  • Active
  • Saved ('Yet to Go') and
  • Past

You can view, edit, or delete any listing from this page.

You can change how your listings are displayed by grid or list view,

You can sort your listings by:-

  • Earliest/latest date of creation, 
  • Alphabetical order (of title).  

Footer content

  • Terms of Use – for individual Zzjimi users
  • Terms and Conditions for Listing – for Organisers posting an Activity/Event
  • Help
  • Contact Us
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us – Read our History, Mission and Aims.
  • FAQs
  • Feedback  - You can submit your feedback on this page.         

About Us page

You can find out all about our History, Mission and Aims on this page.

You will find links to this page on the:-

  • Home Page
  • 'How To' Menu
  • Footer section 

Spotlight Page

This is our Zzjimi noticeboard. You will find the latest news, features, and updates on this page.
Organisations wishing to be featured on this page should contact us at

How To Pages

Details on the features and functions of Our site can be found in the appropriate pages.


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