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Only registered Organisers can create and post an activity/event on Zzjimi.

Registering an Organiser account on Zzjimi is FREE.

Posting a standard event on Zzjimi is FREE.

To begin your Organiser registration process, click here.  For more details see the ‘Create an Account’ option on the 'How To' menu.

Once you have completed your registration, click on the ‘Post an Activity’ button (on the top menu) or the ‘Organisers – Post an Activity!’ box (on the Home page) to be taken to the activity creation page.

Understanding the Zzjimi Wishlist

Zzjimi offers registered Users the opportunity to set up personalised Wishlists, with criteria they have specified, to find activities/events of interest to them.

Our Zzjimi SmartSearch© algorithm will match their criteria to those listed for an activity/event, giving the user the opportunity to get results best suited to their needs.

There are no limits to the number of Wishlists that Users can create, nor what the Wishlist(s) can be for. 

Once the User has set up their Wishlist it will be stored in their dashboard. There is no need for the User to undertake ‘single searches’ as Zzjimi will continue in the background, automatically searching the site for any activities/events which match their needs, no matter when they are uploaded by an Organiser.  

Users can specify how often they wish to be notified.

The Wishlist provides an opportunity for Users to be as specific or generic in their search as necessary to meet their requirements.




How do Zzjimi Wishlists benefit an Organiser?

Our Wishlist function will notify interested Users, even if they had searched for your type of activity/event before you posted it, as the Zzjimi SmartSearch© algorithm continues to work in the background automatically searching and matching, giving your activity/event 24/7 exposure.

As User's set their own Wishlist criteria, they will only receive emails when their specific needs are met. This means that they will not become overwhelmed with unwanted emails, and may be more recepetive to finding out more about your activity/event. 

The inclusion of Keywords/Tags as part of our search criteria, means the results obtained can be more relevant for the User.

For Organisers: 

If generic keywords/tags are used, this will present your activity/event to more Users and to those who are unaware of your Organisation specifically, but who are looking for the type of activity/event you have planned, resulting in larger and more diverse numbers of potential participants.

If specific keywords/tags are used, this will present your activity/event to a more targeted demographic, in order to attract more receptive, knowledgeable participants.   

There is no limit to the number or type of keywords you may use, you can mix both generic and specific keywords to describe your activity/event, giving you the best possible options to enable you to meet your marketing objectives.

 In Summary, our Wishlist option benefits Organisers by:-

  • Ensuring Users need never miss an activity/event notification, no matter when they originally searched.
  • Highlighting activities/events to potential attendees unaware of the Organisation or activity/event itself.
  • Fulfilling the needs of informed Users looking for activities/events listed by a specific Organisation.  
  • Reaching interested Users with specific needs.


Posting an Activity/Event

All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) must be completed.

Add your event title

Add a title of your choice.

Add an image to enhance your listing

Image dimensions should be at least 2160 x 1080 pixels in size and no larger than 10MB.  

You can use your own image if you wish. However, if you use an image from the internet or one which does not belong to you, please make sure that you have the legal right to use it. If you do not have these rights, you will be contravening the T&C's for Listing on our Site. We reserve the right to remove any listing which does not meet these.

Please read our T&Cs for Listing before you post an activity. 

Choose options from the dropdown menus

Select criteria from the following menus

  • Main Category - single selection.
  • Sub-Categories - selecting more than one sub-category, which is appropriate for your event, may make your event more retrievable in searches. 
  • Venue Accessibility - single selection.
  • Age Groups - One or more options can be selected. 

For preferences with multiple selection options, click to select and click again to deselect an option. 

Complete the Keyword search/Tags box

You can add as many words or phrases that you think are the most relevant to your activity/event, that will make it stand out or which you feel will draw participants to your activity/event. Remember to separate each keyword or phrase with a comma and a space.

There is no limit to the number of keywords/tags or phrases that you can use.

Click here to see the importance of keywords/tags.

Fill out the Description box 

You can fill out as much information as you want. Our suggestion is that if you have specific requirements, images or hyperlinks or any other information that you wish potential participants to know, about your event, you should include it in this box. This is your opportunity to provide as much detail as you like about your activity or event. Our Zzjimi Smartsearch© will also use relevant text from here, within the searching algorithm, so why don't you maximise your marketing potential..? 

Specify the event Start and End dates and times

If this event will be occurring more than once, select the ‘This is a recurring Activity/Event' option box. DO NOT tick this box if the event only occurs on one date. Ticking this box will bring up a calendar.

You must now select the recurring dates of your activity/event. To select a date on the calendar, click on it. To remove a previously selected date, click again to deselect.

Make your activity ‘Live’

Choose a date on which you want your event to go ‘Live’ on the Zzjimi website. If you select a live date after the creation date, the activity will be stored in your Dashboard under your Saved Listings and labelled as 'Yet to Go'. On the specified date, the listing will automatically be uploaded to the site.

So, in one go you can create your Annual Calendar of Events and leave Zzjimi to act as your Virtual Assistant never missing important event marketing opportunities. 

Add a Schedule Item

This field is optional. Click on the green text to add details of specific activities within the event e.g., registration times, lunch or other breaks, matinee times, evening performances, etc.

Selecting this option allows you to specify times and details of any scheduled activities within the main event. You can add as many scheduled activities as you need. Each will be displayed chronologically as part of the event schedule.

Add a Host(s)

This field is optional, by selecting it you can inform attendees/participants of speakers, acts, or other significant individuals etc., who will be involved in your event. 

You can also include their image and their social media link if you have the rights/their permission to do so. 

If you do not have these rights, you will be contravening the T&C's for Listing on our Site, and we reserve the right to remove any listing which does not meet them.  

Please read our T&Cs for Listing before you post an activity/event. 

Venue Location 

  • For our search criteria to correctly find your activity/event a venue location is required.
  • Type in a postcode or as much of the venue address as you know/have, then you must select the correct option from the dropdown menu. Our location services are provided by Google Maps and therefore can only be verified within their service criteria.
  • If you do not select a dropdown option, your event may not be retrieved when users search for it.
  • Please note that the address listed by Google Maps may not include a post/zip code but, if you choose the address from the dropdown menu, which most closely matches your activity/event location, the search should work correctly. 
  • We strongly recommend that you tick the box to show your activity/event on the map.

Click on the 'Next Step' button to go to the 'Ticket Information' page ...

Add Ticket Information

  • If your event is Free tick this box. 
  • If you are happy with your listing, click on theSave’ button and your event is set.
  • If there is a single cost for your Activity/Event leave the default setting of ‘Event Cost' option selected and add the cost in the price box.
  • If there are different ticket prices for your event, select the 'Price Range' option. Click on the green 'Add ticket type' text. Add the ticket type e.g., Adult, Child, Concession etc., and the respective ticket cost. Click 'Add' to include this ticket type in your listing.
  • To add other ticket types, repeat the process as above.
  • Zzjimi is Not a ticket selling site, however if you are selling tickect yourself or are using a Third-Party site e.g., Ticketmaster to sell your tickets, you are able to specify the URL in the 'For tickets click here' box.  Please see our T&Cs for Listing for further details.

If you are happy with your listing, click on the ‘Save’ button and your event is now set to go!

If you need more help, see the ‘Get the Best from your Zzjimi Experience’ option from the How To menu, where you will find our handy tips & tricks for Organisers. You can also look at the FAQs for more information.

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