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Crystal Healing Level 1 with Philip & Nicci

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Crystal Healing Course Level 1 Learn Crystal Healing with Philip Permutt September 3rd and 4th at The Crystal Healer, St Albans. You can now book here online or by phone if you prefer 07808 730750
Crystal Healing Course Level 1. The Crystal Course with 
with Philip Permutt "Britain's leading crystal expert" (Daily Mail) and Crystal Master Teacher, Nicci Roscoe - Mind Medication Expert - "Exudes a zest for life" (You Magazine, Mail on Sunday). NOW IN IT'S 27th YEAR! Saturday & Sunday weekend workshop 10am - 4pm both days £255...  "I've had experiences with crystals before but this is on a whole different level" (Katy, London)

"Oh wow! That was brilliant! This is what I want to do!" (Chris, Chessington)

"I could feel the energy flow in my body" (Lyndsey, London) "It felt really awsome!" (Clive, Bedford)

ALL Crystal Courses can be booked online or through The Crystal Healer 07808 730750

"It's Awsome! It has spurred my passion (for crystals) even more like a fire in a fury!" (Steph, London)

Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development and treating clients. This course weekend workshop involves discussions and practical work with crystals, how crystals work, what crystals do and how to work with crystals. We will also explore the many ways that crystals link to other therapies such as Reiki. Philip's Crystal Course now in its 27th year! The crystal course is certified.

"What did I like? You shared so many tips, expertise, stones, a wealth of experience" (Kate, Arizona & Essex)

"I've been using crystals in my therapy for ages, but now I view them totally differently" (Kirsty, Deal)

The Crystal Healer
Suite F1
Unit 1
The Verulam Estate
224 London Road
St Albans

Crystals and Crystal Healing Course Syllabus Level 1 (2 days)

Introduction to crystals, what they are, how they are formed, identifying crystals (on-going throughout)
Sources of information, recommended reading, intuition, pendulum dowsing
Energy, transmuting energy
How crystals work, crystals in technology, crystals in healing
Cleansing crystals
Protection, Grounding
Crystal energy experience
Crystal healing: physical pain
What is healing?
How to work with crystals part 1, Pendulum dowsing, selecting crystals, intuition, reference books
The Energy System, chakras, what, where, why, which and how, major chakras, minor chakras, meridians (nadis), balance
How to work with crystals part 2Crystal chakra sets, self-healinghealing others
How to work with crystals part 3, Laying on of stones, 17 point treatment plan, greeting, consent forms, what does the client need?  Free-crystal, body gridding, quartz stars, amethyst trails, brushing aura, sealing aura
Treatments basic introduction, room, crystals, music, incense/oils, windows, floor or therapy bed/couch, colour, preparing yourself, your client
Cleansing, why, different methods for cleansing crystalscrystals for cleansing the body
Heart centre, physical, emotional, spiritual, crystals
Stress, fight and flight response/relaxation response
Programming crystals, why, how
Crystal balls, history, crystal skulls, scrying, meditation, space clearing, distant healing, earth healing, dumping
Crystal sculpts
Q & A

Attendance and practical application in class qualifies for certificate

"Having completed Crystal Healing Level One with Philip... I would thoroughly recommend this course to any one wanting to deepen their relationship with crystals.  As a therapist this has given me the knowledge and practical application to add this valuable modality to my practice." Suzanne (Harmony, Hitchin)

crystal workshop, crystal course, crystal class

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Philip Permutt is author of the international best sellers The Crystal HealerThe Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra HealingThe Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & CuresThe Crystal Tarot (book and card set), The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Chakra Healing and, co-written with Lyn Palmer, Sacred Stones and Crystals. His latest book The Book of Crystal Grids is Published October 2017.
He has also written An Introductory Guide to Meditation and recorded Crystal Workshop CD and many meditation CDs including The Little Meditation Album Series.  Click here for more details 

Nicci is the Mind Medication Expert - "Exudes a zest for life" (You Magazine, Mail on Sunday), Crystal Master Teacher and with over 40 years' experience in wellbeing behind her, as therapist, teacher, TV and radio health and fitness presenter, Nicci Roscoe is an amazing therapist and teacher in her own right working with both adults and children, employing her Mind Medication process, which includes: crystal healing, Reiki, meditation, Life Coaching, NLP and other approaches as needed. She is author of Fabulous Impact and her latest book is My Crystal Guide for children ages 7+ Co-written with Philip Permutt (published 9th March 2021). She is available for 1-2-1 treatments and private classes in most of these modalities in St Albans and Mill Hill East, London. http://mindmedication.co.uk/

Crystal Healing Course Level 1. Crystal course with Philip Permutt, Saturday & Sunda

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Sat, Sep 03rd, 2022 - Sun, Sep 04th, 2022

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The Crystal Healer, London Road, St Albans, UK

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The Crystal Healer
Who is The Crystal Healer... Philip Permutt has worked with crystals for many years "and is now seen as one of the world's leading authorities in the field" Spirit & Destiny. The showroom in St Albans is home to 1000 of crystals that you can purchase through the website, but has 1000s not yet online, so it is always recommended to book an appointment to visit! Shipping is worldwide for all products included crystals, crystal books, crystal CDs. Philip and his team offer in person workshops and courses on all things to do with crystals, healing and wellbeing at the St Albans showroom, along with special courses across the country, and hopefully worldwide again soon.